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We offer classes, groups, events


The Family Birth Center of Naples offers many classes, workshops, meetings, and events. You do not have to be a client of the birth center to register for any of these, but a small fee may apply.

Childbirth Education- Classes are led by Elaine Davis

Learn to birth naturally with confidence. Required for FBC clients having their 1st natural birth, but also open to couples planning a hospital birth.

You and your partner will learn about the physical and emotional process labor, delivery and the postpartum period.  We prepare you to face the challenge of an un-medicated labor through education and skill building exercises.  You will be encouraged to create a mind-body connection to help you realize your inner strength.

This class is taught as a 5 week series or a weekend intensive course.  Please see our calendar for scheduling details.  Register and pay for your class by choosing a button below.

5-Week Series

$75/Birth Center Couple

$150/Non-Birth Center Couple

Weekend Intensive Series

$100/Birth Center Couple

$200/Non-Birth Center Couple

Cost includes the Breastfeeding Class.

Breastfeeding- Classes led by Elaine Davis.

How you feed your newborn is the first nutrition decision you will make for your child.  This course will give you the information that you need to successfully breastfeed your newborn baby, use breast pumps, and transition to returning to work while breastfeeding.  We will explain the benefits of breastfeeding, the techniques for positioning and latching-on, timing and frequency of feeds.  We will also discuss the challenges, and solutions and resources available.

NOTE–You do not need to pay for this class if you have registered/paid for Childbirth Classes.  The fee for non-birth center couples who did not sign up for Birthing From Within is $50.  Please register/pay for classes.

Nutrition Workshop- We are devoted to teaching healthy nutrition for pregnancy, lactation, and families. This is a very comprehensive nutrition class that not only covers healthy foods to eat during pregnancy, but beneficial supplements to take as well. This information can also apply to everyone as a whole, not just the pregnant woman, so bring friends and family if you wish! A small fee applies to those not delivering at the birth center. Please contact the birth center to register if you are not a patient.

Infant Massage-Classes led by Cheryl Bernardi, LMT (MA 66409)

This class teaches infant massage and techniques to calm a baby during times of distress and discomfort.  You will learn skills for helping your baby sleep and enhance bonding while also improving baby’s physical and emotional health.  This class is $15 for one hour of instruction and practice, followed by coffee/tea time to connect with other new parents.  Newborns to crawlers are welcome!  Please email to register.

Movement and Breath for Labor-Classes led by Cheryl Bernardi at Life Behold.  For 32nd week until birth, come as many times as you want.  No men allowed.

Learn how to prepare your body and mind in an optimal way to enter one of the most important experiences in a woman’s life…the birth of your baby!
We practice:

  • specific physical movements and positions to help baby’s decent into the birth canal.
  • effective exercises to help increase hormonal activity for pain management.
  • breathing exercises, visualizations, and guided meditations to create an atmosphere of serenity and calmness during labor.  The key to a successful and joyous birthing experience!

$30/90 minute class.   register 1 week prior to class date and receive $5 off.  Register below or call 239-248-7931.

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