Important Links

For information about the Family Birth Center of Naples:


Spinning Babies–need help with fetal position?

Placental Encapsulation–to help with postpartum recovery.


Cheryl Bernardi @

Nicole Sayus @ Sacred Journey Birth Services

Christine Ghali @ Mindful Birth Services

Kim Abbey @ Labor of Love Doula Services

Breast Feeding Support:
****Note–Pumps and all breastfeeding supplies are tax-deductible****

Kelly Mom –an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

La Leche League Forum

Latch Trick

Thrush–includes use of gentian violet

Milk Maker Cookies

Local Photographers We LOVE!

Alicia Mick @ Mick Luvin Photography

Sharon Mammano @ Sharon Mammano Photography

Megan DiPiero@ Megan DiPiero Photography

Fun stuff:

EcoBaby & Home–shopping for natural living

Kindermusik–music and learning for babies & toddlers

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